Solid Fuel Pellets from Pig manure

Solid Fuel Pellets from Pig manure

Solid Fuel Pellets from Pig manure


โดย Supattra Budsaereechai1, Yuvarat Ngernyen2, Charinee Lhapoon2, and Pisut Srisakultew2






This research aims to prepare biomass and char pellet from pig manure for using as solid fuels. The powdered raw material was compressed by rotary screw to get two size of 0.8 cm diameter biomass pellet with 1 cm length and 2 cm length, by using starch as binder. The biomass pellets had bulk densities of 0.64 g/cm3for small size and 0.59 g/ cm3 for large size, which lower than the original material (0.98 g/ cm3). Then the samples were pyrolyzed in fixed-bed reactor at temperature 300–500 C for 1 hr. The results showed that biomass pellet of both size had higher heating value (13,029 and 13,279 kJ/kg) than original raw material (12,495 kJ/kg). Increasing of pyrolysis temperature decreased char yield from 62.7 wt% to 46.9 wt% for small size and 58.3 wt% to 42.6 wt% for large size. The bulk densities of char were lower than the sample without pyrolyzed, i.e. 0.41 – 0.44 g/ cm3 for small size and 0.38 – 0.39 g/ cm3 for large size. The heating value of char (15,129 – 17,562 kJ/kg) also had higher value than the sample which no pyrolyzed. Therefore, pig manure can be used as alternative solid fuel with high heating.

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