Effect of Riceberry Rice Flour and Glutinous Rice Flour on Some Qualities of Gluten-Free Cookies


โดย Kitisart Kraboun, Putkrong Punumong, Kamonwan Rojsuntornkitti, Teeraporn Kongbangkerd, Itthinuth Ta

ประเภท : บทความวิจัย
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This research aimed to study the optimal ratio of riceberry rice flour to glutinous rice flour for quality characteristics of gluten-free cookies. The various ratios of wheat flour to riceberry rice flour to glutinous rice flour as the following: 0:25:75 (formula 1); 0:50:50 (formula 2); 0:75:25 (formula 3); 0:100:0 (formula 4) were mixed into gluten-free flour mixture for gluten-free cookies production, except the control (original cookies) produced using a ratio of 100:0:0 (wheat flour to riceberry flour to glutinous rice flour). The appropriate ratio of wheat flour to riceberry flour to glutinous rice flour was 0:75:25 (formula 3). The results showed that the sensorial scores of the all parameters obtained from formula 3 of the gluten-free cookies were > 3. Moreover, the moisture content and aw value of this formula of gluten-free cookies were lower than those of the control but the values of hardness and spread ratio were slightly higher than the control. Keywords: Riceberry rice flour, Glutinous rice flour, Gluten-free cookies

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